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Specialists in coaching will accompany you to succeed

One of the root causes that your organization or team does not work well is “people-related.”
We are living in an era of no correct answer, an era of diversity, and an era demanding more innovation.
For sharing a same vision and creating a future together with people believing in different values, we need to set up an environment where people can accept various feelings and opinions so that we can have authentic conversations that need to happen right here, right now.
The first step starts from having an “open conversation” through coaching.

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What We Offer

If you are caught up with fear, shame, or reluctance to be misunderstood or criticized, or missed a timing of opening up a conversation that should have taken place, imagine the impact on your team and organization.

If you cannot have an active discussion or healthy conflict with your team on a big project that may decide the future of your company, you cannot expect for the success of the project nor the growth of your company.

The true culture of your organization is built on deep trust and relationships that people can feel “safe.”
Only in an environment where people can bring their holistic beings in the room, a meaningful conversation will take place.

The core of coaching is “developing proactive humans.”

With a coaching approach, 35 CoCreation (Sango CoCreation) will support your organization through the processes of human development, leadership training and organizational development, and accompany you in your journey
to create your own organizational culture.

Consultation Cases - New business ideas - 35 CoCreation Inc. Consultation Cases - New business ideas - 35 CoCreation Inc.
Consultation Cases - Organizational formation - 35 CoCreation Inc. Consultation Cases - Organizational formation - 35 CoCreation Inc.
Consultation Cases - Ideal leader in the era of VUCA - 35 CoCreation Inc. Consultation Cases - Ideal leader in the era of VUCA - 35 CoCreation Inc.

Have you ever experienced any of these challenges?

35 CoCreation (Sango CoCreation) help you tackle with these challenges through the methodology of “coaching.”

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Mission and Vision - 35 CoCreation Inc.

Mission - 35 CoCreation Inc. Mission - 35 CoCreation Inc.

Bridge the passions of people and organizations
toward co-creating the society for mutual growth

35 CoCreation believes that living your work is about living your life.
When each person’s passion and reason to work is linked with the passion of organizations,
it creates the driving force for sustainable changes.
We are committed to help creating the society filled with joy
that both team members and their organizations can grow together.

Vision - 35 CoCreation Inc. Vision - 35 CoCreation Inc.

Transform the conventional definition of leadership
in diverse contexts

We develop humans who can take a leadership aiming at shifting from competition to co-creation.
Leaders pioneering the next generation need to have new perspectives and ways to navigate their people,
which are not the same as in the past.
In the midst of a change toward the new generation of leadership, traditional values, beliefs and ethics woven in local cultures and histories are also changing. 35 CoCreation will provide new global-standard services
to help develop leader qualities who can take initiatives in the global arena.

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About Us

Company Name
35 CoCreation Inc.
Rina Sakuraba
May, 2020
Scope of Business
  • Coaching
  • Formulation, planning and implementation of leadership development and enhancement programs
  • Consultation services for corporate culture transformation and organizational development
  • Formulation, planning, and implementation of promotional measures for corporate philosophy, mission, vision and value.
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